Phoenix racks up over $35,000 for Android apps on HP's TouchPad

WebOS was a mobile operating system originally created by Palm. Although initially popular amongst the tech crowd, webOS-powered smartphones and tablets never really caught on with mainstream users.

HP tablet is a top performer

Hewlett Packard originally approached the tablet market with caution, but not enough caution it seems, as its first tablet was a complete flop. The WebOS based HP TouchPad launched in 2011 and it was discontinued just 49 days after it was launched. It was such a flop that it makes the Surface RT look good.

LG buys HP's webOS to put in smart TVs

It looks as if webOS may have a future after all, with HP selling the operating system to LG Electronics for use in smart TVs and other devices.

LG acquires webOS for smart TVs

LG has acquired the versatile webOS operating system from Hewlett Packard. The OS - originally developed by Palm - will be used to power LG's upcoming lineup of Smart TV's.

webOS-on-Android inches forward

Although still officially in pre-Alpha, the folks at Phoneix have made significant progress with their webOS-on-Android project.

Open webOS arrives on LiveCD

Enthusiasm for HP’s (Palm) webOS remains quite high, even if the industry heavyweight is no longer actively promoting the open source OS.

Video: Introducing webOS - the Android app

Hewlett Packard (HP) may have reduced its support for the wayward (Palm) webOS platform, but as we previously reported, the open source OS is now finding a new life on Android hardware.

Android modders pick up the webOS torch

Android modders have proudly picked up the flickering webOS torch - even as 
HP creates 53 jobs in Sunnyvale and Shanghai to resurrect the once proud mobile operating system.

WebOS resurrected on Android devices

Hewlett Packard (HP) may have effectively walked away from its (Palm) webOS platform, but the open source OS is finding a new life on Android hardware.

HP cuts half of its webOS team

Although disappointing, this news really shouldn't surprise anyone.

HP promises open WebOS by September

HP's announced its timetable for making its WebOS open source, delivering on plans announced late last year.

Final $99 Touchpads sell out in minutes

It was a virtual Black Friday over the weekend when HP made its final batch of $99 Touchpads available at the apex of the holiday shopping season.

HP’s webOS goes open source

Hewlett-Packard (HP) has announced that its webOS software and accompanying ENYO app framework will be "contributed" to the open source community - making an official resurrection of the TouchPad extremely unlikely.  

HP has one last batch of Touchpads to sell

HP is giving you one final chance to get your hands on a cheap tablet.

Get ready for the BlackBerry PlayBook fire sale

The TouchPad didn’t fly off store shelves until Hewlett Packard (HP) slashed the price of the webOS tablet to $99.

The future of webOS is unclear

Hewlett Packard (HP) is reportedly being advised by Bank of America Merrill Lynch as the corporation decides whether to retain or sell its webOS software platform.

Best Buy offers $149 Touchpad, for those who care

 You may recall the excitement that surrounded HP's flagship WebOS-powered Touchpad tablet when it dropped to $99 earlier this year.

The great HP TouchPad Android mystery

HP's flubbed TouchPad tablet is back in the news again, and like pretty much all the other major TouchPad stories, this one has HP running in circles.

Rumor: Amazon wants webOS for Kindle tablets

A new report claims Amazon is eyeing Hewlett Packard's defunct webOS for future iterations of its Kindle tablets.

HP also scrapped 7-inch TouchPad

HP was just weeks away from announcing a new seven inch version of its TouchPad tablet before deciding to spin off the hardware business, sources tell TG Daily.