Acer teases wearable smartband, new Chromebook

Acer says it will be launching a wearable smartband sometime this summer.

Researchers devise new, stretchable antenna for wearable health monitoring

Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed a new, stretchable antenna that can be incorporated into wearable technologies, such as health monitoring devices.

Sol Cuff is a wearable solar charger

From the world of crowdfunding meets solar powered gadgets we earlier this week covered the rather extravagant ZingBox retro solar boom box. We now turn to something a little smaller and more practical in scope – a solar charging wristband that doubles as a night light.

Engineers embroider antennas onto clothes

Ohio State University engineers are getting pretty handy with a sewing machine, working on ways to incorporate radio antennas directly into clothing using plastic film and metallic thread.

Humans could form wireless nodes for high speed networks

Now, this is a weird one. A team of Irish engineers says it could be possible to minimise the need for mobile base stations by getting phone users to act as base stations themselves.