Humans made projectile weapons 71,000 years ago

The first modern humans may have evolved on the south coast of South Africa, where they were making and using stone weapons far earlier than previously believed.

World's oldest weapons discovered

Archaeologists have discovered eight extremely well-preserved spears that are an astonishing 300,000 years old, making them the oldest known weapons ever found.

Sony eyes biometric controllers

Sony recently filed a patent application for a biometric controller and handheld device that boasts similar specs to the upcoming Playstation Vita.

The ShadowHawk drone - is it a killbot?

Unmanned aerial drones are becoming a way of life in our American dystopia. We will be seeing ShadowHawk drones in the skies soon enough, and I can’t stop thinking that they resemble killbots.

Ignition preps Blacklight FPS for Summer 2010 deployment

Ignition Entertainment and Zombie Studios have designed a near-future FPS that is expected to offer "AAA-quality" military action in a downloadable package.