Ultrasound 'making waves' for enhancing biofuel production

All chefs know that "you have to break some eggs to make an omelet," and that includes engineers at Iowa State University who are using high-frequency sound waves to break down plant materials in order to cook up a better batch of biofuel.

Generating electricity from the sea

Waves may not be that predictable, even though technology and forecasting has improved (from World War II, when wave forecasting began in earnest, thanks to the requirements of the D-Day landing, up through the sophisticated models used by sports organizations like Surfline today), but the tides are thoroughly predictable.

The right-left solution for on-chip optics

A team of Harvard researchers has managed to create a type of nanoscale device capable of converting an optical signal into waves that travel along a metal surface.

Giant star Zeta Ophiuchi makes waves

Like a ship navigating through still waters, the giant star Zeta Ophiuchi is speeding through space, generating waves in the stellar dust ahead.

Cloaking technique could protect ships from waves

Mechanical engineers say they've found a way of adapting invisibility cloaking techniques to protect oil rigs and ships from rough waves.

Predicting waves could double ocean energy capture

Surfers spend half their time on the water sitting upright on their boards, scanning the horizon for the next suitable wave.

Lego pirate proves existence of 'super rogue waves'

Australian scientists have used a Lego pirate floating in a fish tank to show for the first time that enormous waves can appear from nowhere  and engulf ships.

Japanese scientists design mind-reading robots

Japanese scientists are preparing to develop "mind-reading" robots and consumer electronics that can be controlled by thought.