Wave power via oil rigs?!

Talk about your energy jujitsu: An Australian wave power wannabe thinks that attaching its technology to oil rigs might be the best path to deployment.

Tidal sails could optimize wave power

Spanish researchers say that they have come up with the optimal way to arrange tidal sails – which raises a key question: What the heck are tidal sails?

Autonomous wave power hits coastal waters

Wave devices have been slow to emerge as grid-connected energy sources, but there might be a future for the gizmos in the spy business. Or, at least, offshore patrol.

Wave-powered bots claim world record trek 

From Liquid Robotics, the company that provides ocean data services, comes a winning team of four Wave Glider marine robots. 

Air Force ups wave power efficiency to 99 percent

Air Force researchers say they've managed to harness more than 99 percent of wave energy.

OTEC wave power gets more Navy funding

Lockheed Martin is making waves for the U.S. government with its Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) pilot plant off the coast of Hawaii.