Can we live in a world where machines are smarter than we are?

I participated in a deep dive on IBM’s Watson earlier this week and walked away realizing in a few short years there will be machines in the world that are far smarter than we are.  

IBM will diagnose your ills

IBM is packing off its Watson software to the health industry where it is going to be telling people what is wrong with them.

AT&T wants Watson in your car

AT&T  is working with partners to bring its Watson speech engine to connected vehicles.

On Steve Jobs and digital immortality

There is a video currently going around Twitter that shows Steve Jobs discussing the concept of a Smart TV back in 1998. Clearly, he thought it was a stupid idea.

Watson's next victory: defeating cardiologists

After taking on Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings, IBM supercomputer Watson's ability to defeat cardiologists in a recent demonstration may not seem too astounding, but it is symbolic.

Is Watson living up to his promises?

IBM held a special keynote event in New York today where it, among other things, discussed the future of Watson.

What's next for Watson? Or, should we say, Dr. Watson?

IBM's supercomputer Watson proved that it's able to understand human language enough to stomp out the best contestants in Jeopardy history like they were a couple of high school freshmen. Now, it has its sights on a much more meaningful goal.

Trailblazing Watson supercomputer wins at Jeopardy

In 1997, an IBM computer known as Deep Blue was able to defeat human chess superstar Garry Kasparov. Today, the computer company is saying it has been able to match the gravity of that accomplishment in an achievement for the 21st century.

Jeopardy/Watson night 2: when it stops being fun

The second night of the three-night Jeopardy "man versus machine" battle aired last night, and after a while it really stopped being interesting and felt more like a bloodbath. [Spoiler Alert]

Jeopardy's human v computer match: compelling first night

Nearly half a decade of hard work from some of the most intelligent computer engineers in the world, many of them holding PhD's in at least one field, culminated in an event that began on Monday. The results? [Spoiler Alert]

Tune to Jeopardy tonight for ultimate man vs machine battle

The time has come to see if a computer can actually possess the rational thought and skill needed to beat a human in the ultimate competition of knowledge - Jeopardy.

Which search engine would win at Jeopardy?

IBM's Watson computer is widely tipped to take the crown when its appearance in Jeopardy is screened next month.

IBM's "Watson" computer beats human players in Jeopardy

After years of planning, IBM's learning, human-aware computer Watson was put to a competition like no other - a match of Jeopardy against quiz show heavyweights Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. The result - Watson won. Barely.

IBM supercomputer to compete in Jeopardy

One wonders how long most human contestants spend practising for an appearance on the quiz show Jeopardy!. It's probably not as long as IBM's Watson supercomputer, which is finally ready to play after three years' hard work.