Sony halts Experia sales over manufacturing defect

Sony has suspended sales of its Android-based Experia Tablet S, after discovering a manufacturing flaw.

NASA's Curiosity rover finds ancient streambed on Mars

NASA's Mars Curiosity rover has found evidence of an old streambed on the Red Planet.

Signs of water found on giant asteroid

NASA's Dawn spacecraft has discovered evidence of water on the surface of the asteroid Vesta - but not much of it.

Early Mars not so wet after all

One of the most encouraging signs for those searching for evidence of early water on Mars has been the existence of clays. But a French-US team has now rained on that particular parade.

Habitable planets could be more widespread than thought

There could be seven times as many potentially habitable planets as previously believed, Scottish scientists have calculated.

Computing using water droplets

Forget optical computing or quantum computing: researchers at Aalto University have successfully used water droplets as bits of digital information.

Mars image may indicate presence of water ice

Scientists studying data from ESA's Mars Express spacecraft say they may have spotted signs of water on the planet's surface.

Artist creates temporary graffiti wall from water and LEDs

Graffiti is one of those things in life that proves beauty really is "in the eye of the beholder."

US and Asia are over-exploiting groundwater reserves

Farmers in Asia and North America are over-using underground water reserves, risking the supply for billions of people.

Meteorite may explain life's 'left-handedness'

The predominance of 'lefthandedness' amongst amino acids in meteorites isn't, after all, an indication of biological activity, say scientists.

Why isn't Earth a lot wetter?

With the weather we're currently getting in the UK, it's hard to believe that the Earth is short of water. But at less than one percent of the planet's total mass, there's not nearly as much of the stuff as scientists would expect.

Why you can walk on water (mixed with cornstarch)

There's a well-known experiment in which cornstarch is added to water, turning it into a rather odd substance known as oobleck.

Cassini finds underground ocean on Saturn's moon Titan

NASA's Cassini spacecraft has come up with strng evidence that Saturn's moon Titan is hiding a layer of liquid water under its ice shell.

Recent surface water detected on Mars

Parts of Mars appear to have been modified by liquid water comparatively recently, indicating that there may have been favorable conditions for life.

'Extensive' water found in Mars' interior

There's vastly more water in Mars's mantle than previously thought - as much as on Earth, in fact - dramatically raising the chances that the planet might once have sustained life.

Extensive water ice found in lunar crater

Almost a quarter of a crater near the moon's south pole is covered with ice, scientists using NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) spacecraft have found.

Yes, it snows on Mars

Clouds of snow blanket the Red Planet's poles during the dead of a Martian winter. However, unlike Earth's water-based snow, the particles on Mars are actually frozen crystals of carbon dioxide.  

Strange lava spirals discovered on Mars

Lava flows coiled like snail shells have been found for the first time on Mars - and they're bigger than anything similar on Earth.

Martian pits could provide haven for life

ESA’s Mars Express has discovered a series of 'pit-chains' in the Tharsis region of Mars that could, says ESA, be tempting targets in the search for microbial life.

Tighter regulation needed for fracking, says report

Hydraulic fracturing of shale formations, or fracking, to extract natural gas doesn't cause groundwater contamination, a new report has found.