Understanding the 'Water World' theory of life's origins

Life took root more than four billion years ago on our nascent Earth, a wetter and harsher place than now, bathed in sizzling ultraviolet rays. What started out as simple cells ultimately transformed into slime molds, frogs, elephants, humans and the rest of our planet's living kingdoms. How did it all begin?

Water world floated as sustainable refuge

From eVolo’s 2012 competition comes a floating city designed to serve as a refuge for those who survive some unimaginable apocalypse of nature, a final war, or whatever coup the end days might bring.

Obscure, memorable scene: Savior of Water World

In the movie "Water World," an interesting sci-fi film with a mostly negative reception, Kevin Costner plays a mutated fish-man living on an Earth upon which there is seemingly no land, only a single vast ocean, with no laws or borders.