Gran Turismo Movie is Headed to the Big Screen

It looks like Hollywood is no longer afraid of adapting video games. The movie adaption of World of Warcraft is slated for a December 2015 release, and many other titles are on the fast track for development. Now it looks like the big screen version of Gran Turismo has a screenwriter, and it’s somebody who understands genre well.

Gibbons dismisses Before Watchmen as non-canon

Original Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons reveals what he thinks of the new Watchmen comic line.

Alan Moore vs. Harry Potter

Some time back we reported that Alan Moore, famed creator of The Watchmen and V for Vendetta, and Frank Miller, father of the Dark Knight graphic novel, had gotten into a heated exchange of words over the Occupy movement.

Before Watchmen TV spot looks back

DC has released a television spot for its upcoming prequel comics line, Before Watchmen.

This is Before Watchmen art

Before Watchmen will cover the back stories of each of the major characters in the original graphic novel.

No, Alan Moore doesn't own Watchmen

Alan Moore is celebrated as a genius comics writer, but also widely seen as a curmudgeon of sorts.

Before Watchmen crew gets together

DC has released a new promotional image for Before Watchmen, which features all of the major characters together.

Beyond Watchmen covers released, Moore comments

The news about the Watchmen prequel is only a day old, yet we already have more information about the upcoming books.

DC announces Watchmen prequel books

Watchmen is widely recognized as one of the greatest - and best-selling - graphic novels in history.

Rumor: Watchmen to return for prequel

One of the most famous graphic novels in the world might not stand alone much longer.