Report: Google wants in on smartwatch race

Rumors and speculation over an impending smartwatch race amongst industry heavyweights have been increasing in recent months.

Yes, Samsung is prepping a smartwatch

It almost seems like rumors of Apple's alleged iWatch came out of nowhere just a few months ago.

Apple patent application hints at flexible touchscreen watch

Anyone who spends time around kids or has kids of their own has probably seen slap bracelets at one time or another.

Wozniak says Apple needs to keep setting the standard

Apple co-founder Steve "Woz" Wozniak has never been afraid to say what he thinks about the technology world and even the company he helped build.

Report: 100 designers working on Apple's wristwatch device

Earlier this week, various rumors and reports claimed that Apple is currently testing a watch with a flexible screen.

Neptune Pine is an Android-powered smart watch

The first time I actually wanted to own a specific watch was back in the 80's when those Casio calculator devices first became popular.

NanoWatch is a clunky watch-phone mashup

Over the years, we've seen plenty of smart watches that promise all sorts of connected capabilities with your smartphone.