Human beings unlikely to get cleverer

Given that we've been evolving for millions of years, and generally reckon it's our intelligence that's given us the edge as a species, it's perhaps surprising that we're all not a little bit brighter.

Democracy makes for more wars, says professor

It would be nice to think that as humanity grew up a bit and democracy spread, the number of wars would decrease.

Open source safest for healthcare IT, study claims

Open source software is actually more secure than its often more expensive alternatives, say researchers at the University of Warwick and UCL Medical School.

New technology can recycle all plastics

As we stand in our living rooms looking at the mountain of Christmas packaging around us, it's good to hear about a new technique claimed to allow 100 percent of plastics to be recycled.

Which came first? The chicken, not the egg!

Scratch that famous question off the list of unsolvable riddles because now there is an answer to, "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?"