Warren East to leave ARM

ARM has announced that it will be saying goodbye to its chief executive officer, Warren East. East has said he will be retiring from the company after 12 years as reigning CEO, 1 July 2013. His seat will be taken by Simon Segars, currently president of ARM.

ARM CEO remains optimistic about Windows RT

Sales of Microsoft's ARM-powered RT Surface tablet have certainly been less-than-stellar, at least thus far. Nevertheless, ARM CEO Warren East remains optimistic about the RISC-friendly version of the Microsoft's flagship operating system.

ARM bullish on FinFET technology

 for SoCs

ARM CEO Warren East says he is unconcerned that rival chip designer Intel has developed a salient lead in process technology over the foundries ARM licensees typically deal with.

2 billion ARM chips shipped in Q2 2012

ARM has confirmed that two billion chips based on its wildly popular RISC processor technology shipped during the second quarter of 2012.

ARM says Intel phone chips are "good enough"

ARM CEO Warren East doesn't appear to be particularly worried about Intel's entry into the RISC-dominated smartphone market with its x86 Medfield SoC.

ARM slaps down Intel’s Tri-Gate technology

ARM remains utterly unimpressed with Intel’s recently announced Tri-Gate technology.

Mobile Wars: ARM says Intel's Atom just isn't good enough

ARM CEO Warren East says that Intel's x86-based Atom processor is currently less efficient than RISC-powered mobile chips.