What does Sculpteo, Pacific Rim, Warner Bros and MNSTR have in common?

Lately Hollywood seems to be fund of 3D printing. After the replica of the Aston Martin in the latest James Bond movie and the recent 3D scanning work in World War Z, the french communication agency MNSTR partnered with Sculpteo to promote the new Guillermo del Toro movie ...

The Hobbit gets a new iOS app

New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. have released an iOS app optimized for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Hacker group hits Warner Bros and China Telecom

A group calling itself SwaggSec is claiming to have hacked the networks of Warner Bros and China Telecom, and has released documents and logins online.

Harry Potter Kinect game on the way

Get ready to wield magical powers when you become the controller in a newly announced Harry Potter game.

Warner Bros offers disc-to-digital conversions

Warner Bros really wants your movie collection to go from the bookshelf to the cloud.

Bolivar the last dinosaur heads to Hollywood

Warner Bros. has picked up the adaptation rights for Bolivar, an upcoming graphic novel from Archaia Entertainment. 

Warner Bros. picks up cyberpunk Otherland

Warner Bros. has acquired the feature rights to Otherland, a popular sci-fi/cyberpunk tetralogy penned by Tad Williams.

LEGO film greenlit by Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. has confirmed that it is moving forward with plans to produce a LEGO film.

A look back at '70s cinema

The '70s is a revered time in cinema history because so many great films came out of that fabled decade, and when looking back, the studio executives of the time often get as much acclaim as the filmmakers.

Whatever happened to Batman vs. Superman?

When I read the rumor about a possible Batman/Superman team-up, I couldn't help but wonder if the recent news was actually related to an old report making the rounds yet again.

WB showcases Supernatural trailers

The Season 7 trailer gets cheers, while the Animated series gets jeered.

Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer goes live

Warner Bros. has officially released its teaser trailer for Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises.

Akira film changes focus

Warner Bros. is apparently giving up on turning Akira into a blockbuster.

Thundercats are on the loose!

Warner Bros. has confirmed that its new reboot of Thundercats will be hitting the Cartoon Network this summer.

Netflix and Warner Bros. keeping obscure films alive

For obscure film buffs like me, the fact that NetFlix is streaming long lost movies, and the major studios are burning them to order for fans, is a godsend.

All Harry Potter films may be re-released in 3D

Harry may not be leaving the theaters any time soon.

Not just Batman, entire roster of JLA disconnected

The decisions being made about the Justice League movie canon is worse than we ever thought possible.

Warner to stream movies on Facebook

Forget BlockBuster, Hulu and Netflix: Warner Bros. is planning to stream a variety of "rented" videos on Facebook.

After cancelling latest title, Harry Potter back titles get 3D

Warner Bros just got finished saying it was worried about creating less than stellar 3D conversions to damage the Harry Potter franchise, when it was confirmed that it'll be going back to films that never had any intention of being in 3D and converting them anyway.

Say goodbye to Harry Potter 3D

Because of its inability to convert the latest Harry Potter movie into a worthwhile 3D presentation, Warner Bros will now only release the first part of The Deathly Hallows in boring 2D.