Lord of the Rings has a War in the North

Although Peter Jackson is shooting two upcoming Hobbit films, another Lord of the Rings game has been unleashed on the market, LOTR: War In the North.

Why is Harry Potter going off the market?

Considering the cash cow the Harry Potter franchise continues to be, the news that Warner Brothers is pulling the movies off the market definitely surprises me. 

Official music streaming to launch in China

Chinese search giant Baidu has put an end to six years' arguing over piracy and signed a deal with Sony, Warner and Universal through their One-Stop China operation.

Trailer released for Supernatural: The Anime Series

The trailer for Supernatural: The Anime Series looks pretty creepy, but seems to take some liberties with the story.

Music companies lose two legal battles

The US Supreme Court has ruled that a price-fixing suit against several major music labels can go ahead, rejecting an attempt by the record companies to appeal.