NetFlix Getting Rid of a Number of Movies and TV Shows to Stream

Next year it’s the good news / bad news routine with Netflix. The good news is you can stream movies for $6.99 a month. The bad news is they’re going to stop renting a number of movies by the time you read this, January 1, and we’re shocked at some of the titles that will no longer be available.

Mark Wahlberg to helm hacker film

As we recently reported on TG, the film Sneakers just had its 20th anniversary, and WarGames will hit its 30th anniversary next year.

Sneakers turns 20

There’s two sayings about movies I love. The real reviews for movies are written five to ten years after a film is released, and time can be a filmmaker’s best friend.

WarGames returns

We recently took a look back at The Day After, a controversial TV movie about nuclear war that was definitely pretty grim stuff when it aired in 1983.

That classic Bullitt car chase

The late Steve McQueen is still an icon of big screen cool more than thirty years after his death, and the car chase in Bullitt is still a thrilling piece of cinema over forty years after its release. 

Could WarGames really have happened?

I recently revisited WarGames and found myself enjoying the film as much as I did when it first hit theaters in 1983.

WarGames remake is on target

MGM has managed to find a writer for its upcoming remake of the uber-geek classic WarGames.

WarGames slated for a reboot

It's weird to think of the eighties as being so far away from us now that Hollywood's mining them for remakes.