Review: The daggers of Warehouse 13

We've hit the mid-season break for the artifact hunting serial, and the season is clealry on a roll.

Review: The navigation of Warehouse 13

The artifact hunters are certainly off to a rocky start this season.

Warehouse 13 will return with Spiner

Warehouse 13 showrunner Jack Kenny has confirmed that Brent Spiner will be joining the cast of the popular detective fantasy serial.

Benz to lead Defiance

Syfy has cast the lead role in its upcoming sci-fi thriller Defiance, which will air alongside an accompanying video game being developed by Trion Worlds.

The return in the return of Warehouse 13

Warehouse 13’s new season premiered this past week, and while the show is still on track as one of the best sci-fi series on television, this particular resolution was a bit disappointing.

New spinoff series will center on Warehouse 13’s H.G. Wells

I’ll admit I was a bit sad when I realized that Warehouse 13 wasn’t going to do more with the Helena Wells character, but know we know why.

On the machines and continuances in Fringe

I really do miss Fringe’s weekly episodes. Don’t get me wrong, the current storyline is very interesting.

No more romance in Warehouse 13?

It may be a mistake to remove the romance from Warehouse 13; for one thing my wife will probably stop watching it with me, which always makes a show more difficult to keep up with.