The late Steve Jobs becomes a manga hero

The former messiah of Apple, Steve Jobs, has been resurrected as a manga hero in Japan.

Aaron Sorkin writes The Life of Steve Jobs

As you've probably seen by now, there's reports everywhere right now about the independent biopic of Steve Jobs, entitled JOBS, complete with pictures of Ashton Kutcher made up like the late Apple visionary. 

On The Zen of Steve Jobs 

You've read the best-selling Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson and even considered buying the action figure of the late Apple co-founder (although you probably would never admit it to any mortal being).

Can Steve Jobs keep the book biz strong?

Everything's been hit hard with the economy going down, including the book business, but there's been a major saving grace lately: the biography of Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs biography might get an addendum

Perhaps following in the mold of Apple, biographer Walter Isaacson has hinted there might be a newer, better version of the Steve Jobs biography in the future.

Steve Jobs biography moved up to November

Eccentric. Genius. College drop-out. Billionaire. Complicated visionary. Pain in the ass. There's many things you can say about Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, and you still wouldn't scratch the surface.