Google Chromebooks hitting 6,600 stores for $199 and up

Google has confirmed that various iterations of its stalwart Chromebook will soon be available in approximately 6,600 stores around the world.

Walmart offers another way to get Wii U on launch day

If you didn't get your Wii U pre-order in yet, Walmart may have your ticket.

Angry Birds invades Walmart

If you're one of the millions of Angry Birds fans in the US, head to Walmart.

Walmart offers the Lumia 710 for free

Nokia's goal with the Lumia 710 is to establish it as the smartphone for consumers on a budget.

The pepper spray of Black Friday

A Los Angeles woman shot fellow Walmart shoppers with pepper spray as she fought to keep them from buying video games she apparently coveted.

Walmart, Facebook team up for local deals

Two of the biggest American corporations have joined forces to bring local, relevant information to the nearly nine million Walmart Facebook fans.

Walmart acquires social ad firm OneRiot

Walmart has just increased its presence in the world of mobile and social advertising.

Walmart puts streaming movies on

In an effort to strengthen its streaming video presence, Walmart has now put the digital service on its main website.

Anonymous accelerates hack and extract ops

Cyber activists associated with Anonymous have accelerated the pace of their hack and extract operations against various corporate and government targets.

Petitioners want Duke Nukem banned from Walmart

The video game industry is certainly no stranger to controversy, with disputes between studios and their opponents typically focusing on (purported) excess violence, along with sexual and occult concerns.

Google now most valuable brand on the planet

Google was recently declared the most valuable brand on the planet by BrandFinance, which confirmed the rather inevitable milestone.

Retailers tell Amazon to start charging tax

When it comes to shopping online, many consumers head immediately to sites that don't charge sales tax, which isn't sitting well with retailers that have to charge tax.

Opinion: DHS and Wal-Mart team up straight out of 1984

They say truth is stranger than fiction. But what do you do when you wake up one day and the worst things from dystopian fiction have become real thanks to a blend of big government and totalitarian capitalism?

Netbooks and redtape economics

For the past six months I have been using a HP mini for word processing and accessing wireless Internet at school. I lost my 40 watt AC adapter yesterday, and finding a new one that was reasonably priced was harder than you would think - much harder.

Cut-price iPhones at Walmart: Not Cool!

Hipsters in mass suicide pact upon realization that Apple products will be used by people wearing sweats and shopping at, uhm, Walmart.

ARM eyes lucrative server market

ARM is currently the undisputed heavyweight champion of the global mobile marketplace. However, the company has recently accelerated development of low-powered server chips in response to what it describes as "customer demand."