Wall Street goes insane over Spotify

The cocaine nose jobs of Wall Street who created the dot.com bubble seem set to do the same thing again.

Why would anyone get rid of Bill Gates?!

Because they're Wall Street and they'd be free to suck every ounce of cash out of Microsoft and not have to worry about investing in the future; there won't be a future for Microsoft without Bill Gates. Let's find someone with some love for Microsoft to make it great again. Not just a bean counter or suit to manage its monopolies to death.

Syrian tweet crashes stock exchange

Hacker fanboys of the Syrian strongman Bashar Hafez al-Assad managed to cause more damage to the US stock exchange than sticking a bomb in a pressure cooker.

Wall Street tries to kybosh social networking privacy

Financial securities regulators are leading the charge against initiatives to prevent companies keeping tabs on employees' social media accounts, stressing that the potential for abuse takes urgency over worker privacy.

Anonymous eyes Wall Street after BART protests

Anonymous has apparently set its sights on Wall Street after leading multiple protests against BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) in San Francisco.

Hackers breach Nasdaq network

Little known to the general public, the Nasdaq Stock Market’s computer network has been repeatedly hacked over the past year, leaving federal investigators scrambling to locate the perpetrators and determine their purpose.