The Walking Dead is a Hell on Earth FPS

The Walking Dead phenomenon continues as Activision Blizzard and Terminal Reality announce a new first-person shooter (FPS) based on the wildly popular AMC television series. 

Celebrating Lucio Fulci's Zombie

Some believe the current zombie trend is just about ready to peak, but there's still plenty of related movies, magazines, graphics novels, TV shows, even a theme park in the works. 

The Walking Dead zombie marathon marches on

AMC will be screening all 19 episodes of its wildly popular Walking Dead series this weekend.

Walking Dead video game gets new episode

The second installment in Telltale's serial Walking Dead game will go live on Friday.

Walking Dead video game episode 1 goes live

It's the perfect way to kill time in between seasons of the TV show.

New Walking Dead game details

The Walking Dead video game, like the TV show it's based on, will be a serial experience.

VC tech funding collapses

The Great Recession has caused a virtual drought of tech-based IPOs, leading to a steep plunge in venture capital (VC) funding.