New Developments Coming to Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is heading back to cable on April 6, and the show’s sure to be a ratings bonanza when it returns. It’s also going to steer clear of the return of The Walking Dead, which is coming on February 9. (It would be highly foolish for both shows to go head to head in the ratings.) 

When Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and Under the Dome Will Return

With so many great shows out there, there has really been a great time for genre television. Now that it’s a new year, we’ve got all new seasons of Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and Under the Dome just around the corner, but at least two of those shows will relaunch further away from each other so not to create a ratings war. 

The Game of Thrones Video Game Is Coming

This shouldn’t be any big surprise, but it seemed inevitable that there would be a Game of Thrones video game one of these days. In fact, we’re surprised there hasn’t been one already. After all, there’s Game of Thrones beer, and you can even pay $30,000 for a full-sized metal replica of the show’s throne, so why not a video game?

Frank Darabont Back From the (Walking) Dead With Mob City

Frank Darabont had been around for quite some time before he created one of the greatest Stephen King adaptations ever, The Shawshank Redemption. Darabont also gave us The Green Mile, The Mist, and of course, The Walking Dead.

Preparing Your Kids For a Zombie Invasion

While zombies may still be the hot monster these days, we haven’t heard much about zombie paranoia lately. In fact, we at TGD are amazed at how much people believe these guys are real.  

Almost Human Debuts Well

Okay, so Almost Human may not be the most original idea for a sci-fi show, but it’s gotten pretty good reviews, and it looks like it’s gotten off to a pretty good start in the ratings. It wasn’t able to beat out major league football, like Walking Dead finally did, but again, it still did pretty well.

The Walking Dead Is Bigger Than Ever

There was little doubt that The Walking Dead would have a big return this season, but it’s remarkable that it keeps getting bigger and stronger when it returns, unlike a zombie itself, which will continue to rot and grow progressively weaker as time goes in. In fact, the Walking Dead has broken yet another ratings record.

Archie Gets Zombified

There’s zombies everywhere we look these days, and it’s been funny to see classic literature like Pride and Prejudice being redone with the undead. We just reported that George Romero will be doing a zombie comic with Marvel, Empire of the Dead, and now zombies will be invading Archie’s hometown of Riverdale.  

Guardians of the Galaxy march forward

Guardians of the Galaxy is part of what’s considered Phase Two of Marvel’s superhero movies. The second phase kicks off with Iron Man 3, then we’ve got Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Thor: The Dark World, Guardians, Avengers 2, and Edgar Wright’s Ant Man. Phase Three is rumored to include Doctor Strange.

Game of Thrones and Walking Dead go FTW

One show ends, another begins, and both have brought in insane ratings numbers. But this shouldn’t be a shock with The Walking Dead, which made TV history in its season three debut, and Game of Thrones, which was sure to have a huge third season debut.

Scientists develop zombie cells

With the advent of The Walking Dead, zombies are more popular now than ever before.

The Montana zombie hack

Hackers recently managed to slip a zombie alert on a Montana TV station known as KRTV.

Walking Dead apps turns you into a walker

It’s amazing how much people love to play dead. Whether it’s a George Romero zombie movie, or the Walking Dead show, actors love to put on make-up, lurch around and do their best dead as Romero himself would say.

Walking Dead: Assault is ready for the zombie apocalypse

Now that The Walking Dead has hit its mid season finale, it’s been a triumphant third time around for the series, and the undead have never been hotter.

The Walking Dead goes FTW

Yes, anticipation was huge for the next season of the Walking Dead, but did anyone think it would make TV history?

Getting ready for The Walking Dead

The third season of The Walking Dead, which is set to launch on October 14, has to be one of the most anticipated series returns of the Fall season.

The history of modern horror - part II

Horror films may have had a pretty strong year so far, but that doesn’t mean the genre still has the respect it deserves.

Universal to bring 'Walking Dead' attraction to life

If you've ever imagined what life would be like if you were in the middle of "The Walking Dead," Universal has an attraction for you.

The horror of the Walking Dead

Walking Dead show runner Glen Mazzara says zombie fans should look forward to a "very adrenalized" season three when the wildly popular series kicks off again this October.

The top zombie games of all time

We just reported on how it's been a tough time for geeks this summer with the loss of Nintendo Power magazine, and it's been somewhat of a difficult few months for vampires too.