Vudu comes to Xbox Live

There's yet another streaming video option that has made its way to the Xbox 360.

Game consoles credited with video streaming explosion

More people than ever are watching Netflix and other video streaming services from their game consoles.

Bad Teacher tries new secondary market format

Secondary markets have been a big boon to the movie business - even though the major studios were initially against the VCR way back when.

A new way to browse movies on PS3

In case you weren't aware, there are thousands of movies and TV shows available to rent or buy from the PS3, and now there's an easier way to search through them.

iTunes makes gains in online movie market

Apple's iTunes is making gains in the online movie market - and successfully reversing previous declines in the lucrative space.

Vudu circumvents App Store, comes to iPad

One of the most popular pay-pet-view video streaming services is now, kind of, officially available on the iPad.

Walmart puts streaming movies on

In an effort to strengthen its streaming video presence, Walmart has now put the digital service on its main website.

Vudu coming to PS3 next week

PS3 owners will soon have even more options for how to watch high definition movies from their game console, as on-demand streaming service  Vudu has just signed a deal with Sony for an exclusive PS3 app.

Sears to try its hand at digital movie downloads

Sears is more well-known for its low-cost jeans and refrigerators than for its technological aptitude, but the big-box retailer is making a push to the digital world by offering a movie download service.

Wal-Mart invests in Vudu magic

Wal-Mart confirmed late Monday that it has entered into a deal to acquire online movie-on-demand service Vudu. It is the latest push from the global retail giant to expand into digital content.