Voltron and He Man Are Coming Back

We just reported about Jeffrey Katzenberg’s attempt to keep Breaking Bad going as a pay-per-view event, and now comes the news he’s trying to revive Voltron, He-Man, and Rocky and Bullwinkle. As we’ve seen with the recent 3D revival, which Katzenberg spearheaded, once he latches onto an idea, it’s tough to get it out of his teeth. 

Voltron: Year One announced

Dynamite Comics has confirmed the upcoming release of Voltron: Year One, which follows the success of its primary Voltron line.

The cubs of Voltron Force

The new Voltron series has got eight episodes under its belt, and after a slow start, is a fun homage to the original.

Voltron gets live-action film adaptation

After the recent announcement about Captain Planet being brought to the silver screen by Cartoon Network, it’s no surprise that yet another classic cartoon show (from a slightly earlier era) is getting similar treatment.

Voltron on big screens, little screens

Voltron is coming back! Will it still be as cool as we all remember it? Probably not. In fact, it’s likely impossible for it to be as cool as I remember it.