Volkswagen Unveils Production e-Golf

Today, Volkswagen unveiled its production-ready e-Golf, a vehicle that will have its world premier alongside the VW e-Up! next month in Frankfurt, Germany.The electric Golf is based on latest Golf platform, but its electric drivetrain seems to be fairly similar to early Golf blue-e-motion prototypes.The production e-Golf still ...

VW XL1: Towards 261 miles a gallon

Volkswagen would like to introduce you to what it believes will be a car you are tripping over others to get at if your checkbook is big enough.

Volkswagen goes green with Formula XL1

Volkswagen recently showcased a concept car dubbed the Formula XL1 - a cool green ride packing an 1.0-liter engine.

Volkswagen showcases Jetta hybrid

Most of the attention paid to Volkswagen at this year's North American International Auto Show in Detroit will be directed toward its new, irresistible electrified E-Bugster concept. 

Volkswagen limits employee Blackberry access

Volkswagen has taken the radical step of telling its employees that when they're off the clock, they can't check in on work stuff.

'Temporary autopilot' takes some of the driving strain

Some people are just a little worried about handing all control over to a driverless car. So Volkswagen has come up with a halfway house called the Temporary Auto Pilot (TAP) system.

New Volkswagen does 313 miles to the gallon

Volkswagen has created what it calls the world's most economic car, running for 313 miles on a single gallon of diesel.