Tapping volcanos for geothermal power

Costa Rica and geothermal power make obvious sense – the country is teeming with geological activity, a fact apparent to anyone who has visited active volcanoes like Arenal or Poás.

Volcanoes trigger greenhouse effect

Earth's repeated flip-flopping between greenhouse and icehouse states over the past 500 million years may have been caused by volcanoes at particular spots where enormous amounts of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere.

Are volcanoes active on Venus?

Volcanic eruptions may be the explanation for large changes in the sulfur dioxide content of Venus’s atmosphere, and one intriguing possible explanation is volcanic eruptions.

Satellites could spot volcanic eruptions in advance

It could be possible to get advance warning of volcanic eruptions by observing them from space.

'Trigger' found for explosive eruptions

Scientists say they've identified the trigger for the largest explosive volcanic eruptions on Earth.

Mass extinction underway before dino-killer asteroid

The mass extinction that took out the dinosaurs was already well underway by the time a six-mile asteroid slammed into Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula 65 million years ago, it appears.

Volcanoes replenish Great Barrier Reef

With concern mounting about the future of the Great Barrier Reef, scientists have discovered a natural mechanism that could help save it: volcanoes.

Chemical analysis can predict volcanic eruptions

Examining crystals formed deep within volcanoes could give a year's warning of impending eruptions, say scientists.

Why are there no volcanoes on the moon?

Scientists believe they've discovered why the moon has no active volcanoes, despite containing plenty of liquid magma.

Little Ice Age triggered by volcanic eruptions

The Little Ice Age - the centuries-long period of cooling that began in the Middle Ages - appears to have been triggered by four massive volcanic eruptions in the tropics.

Team finds trigger for volcanic 'super-eruptions'

'Super-eruptions' of major volcanic systems such as Yellowstone are triggered by a combination of the temperature influence and precise shape of the magma chamber, say scientists.

Abandoned experiment gives clue to origins of life

Some experimental samples put aside for 50 years have provided new evidence that life on earth could have been kick-started by volcanoes.

Many 'dormant' volcanoes could erupt at any time

There may be no such thing as a dormant volcano, according to scientists, who say that many could in fact be reawakened in a period of months.

Volcanoes may still be active on Venus

Venus is still capable of volcanic eruptions, data from ESA’s Venus Express spacecraft suggests.