How playing video games can help improve visual search

Researchers at the University of Toronto claim that playing shooting or driving videogames, even for a relatively short time, can help improve player ability to search for a target hidden among irrelevant distractions in complex scenes.

Google Goggles comes to the iPhone

Nearly a year after releasing it for Android, Google has launched its visual search app Google Goggles for the iPhone. Rather than launching it as a standalone app, Google's incorporated it into a new version of the Google Mobile App. Users can just tap the camera button to search, and the app will analyze the image, highlight any object it recognizes and provide a list of search results about the object or landmark in question.

Google to add to its pockets for $100 million

The latest company to be blessed with a Google acquisition is, an intriguing website specializing in "visual search," a technology Google has been toying with for years.