Physical Google Wallet is dust

Google is planning to revamp its Google Wallet digital payments platform at Google I/O. However, it seems plans for a physical credit card have been shelved, at least for the time being.

Microsoft pleads for people to upgrade from XP

Microsoft is kindly asking users of Windows XP to upgrade to something a bit less ancient, again. XP has been around for a decade and it is still used on 15 to 20 percent of PCs, depending on who you ask. 

Barnes & Noble credit card data was stolen

Barnes & Noble is playing damage control after a large amount of credit card data appears to have been stolen from dozens of storms.

Isis mobile payment platform delayed

The introduction of Isis's sweeping mobile payment platform continues to move at a crawl.

Global Payments hack exposes 1.5 million credit card numbers

As many as one and a half million American credit card numbers have been stolen from payment processing company Global Payments.

Visa confirms support for Google Wallet

The Google Wallet limitation of only accepting Mastercard accounts has quickly become a thing of the past.

Isis mobile payments venture signs major credit card deal

Isis - the mobile payments joint venture from AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile - has signed up four credit card companies, potentially pushing it ahead in the race with Google Wallet.

WikiLeaks accepting credit card funds again

You can’t keep a good whistleblowing website down for long. WikiLeaks is able to accept credit card donations again.     

Visa wants to battle fraudsters

A recent survey confirms identify theft and fraud is of top concern to consumers when using a credit card.

It's hip to be Square: Visa invests in Dorsey's startup

Square has announced a strategic investment from Visa, which industry sources say is in the "single-digit millions."

Salt Lake City goes NFC next year

By early 2012, you'll be able to pay for a train or bus ride with your phone in Salt Lake City.

Anonymous brings down Mastercard in defence of Wikileaks

The Mastercard website is down, following an attempt by the Anonymous group at 4Chan to punish the company for its treatment of Wikileaks.

Report: Cybercriminals create 57,000 malware sites per week

Frenetic cybercriminals are reportedly creating 57,000 malware-based websites per week to exploit high-profile brand names.

Paypal wants to replace credit cards in stores

For the first time, well, pretty much ever, the credit card oligopoly faces mounting competition from budding alternative payment options at retail stores, the latest of which comes from Paypal.

iPhone becomes contactless payment system

iPhone users will soon be able to pay for things simply by waving their phone in the air - something most of them are happy enough to do anyway.