Malware hits Apple browsers

Malware writers are starting to take the Nintendo when it comes to hacking Apple gear.

Medical equipment riddled with malware

Viruses and other malware are running rampant through medical technology, security experts have warned.

Viruses 'fourth major branch of life'

Viruses are ancient living organisms and not inanimate molecular remnants, new research indicates, and should be regarded as a fourth major branch of life.

Virus-tracking technique pinpoints origin of languages

Using methods originally developed to track the spread of viruses, researchers say they've found evidence that Indo-European languages originated in Anatolia - present-day Turkey - 8,000 to 9,500 years ago.

Viruses harnessed to generate electricity

Berkeley Lab scientists have found a way to make harmless viruses harvest mechanical energy, which could then be used, say, to charge a phone as its owner walks along.

Ancient viruses trapped in our DNA

Scientists have uncovered clues as to how our genomes became riddled with viruses, some dating back 100 million years.

New drug could cure all viral infections

Researchers at MIT’s Lincoln Lab say they've designed a drug that could potentially cure the common cold, flu and even Ebola as well as other viral diseases.

Viruses do assembly work for solar cells

Researchers at MIT have enlisted viruses to help assemble solar cells and improve their performance.

Craig Venter team finds evidence of new form of life

A team, including DNA pioneer Craig Venter, says it may have discovered an entirely new domain of life.

All viruses may be stowaways within our DNA

All viruses, including relatives of HIV and Ebola, could potentially be 'stowaways' transmitted from generation to generation for millions of years, according to new research.

Discovery heralds cure for common cold

A cure for the common cold could finally be on the way, with the discovery that antibodies can fight viruses from within infected cells.

Cyber crime costs corporate America billions

A study conducted by the Ponemon Institute has concluded that cyber crime costs American corporations billions of dollars per year.

Microsoft takes on software pirates with regional crime labs

Microsoft has established nine regional crime labs around the world to counter the supposed scourge of software counterfeiting.