USB sticks infect two power plants with malware

A US power plant was recently hit by a virus thanks to an infected USB stick, a report from the Department of Homeland Security has revealed.

Oil company back up after hacktivist virus attack

One of the world's largest oil producers, Saudi Aramco, has confirmed that it was hit by a major cyber-attack earlier this month, but says it's now fixed the 30,000 affected workstations.

Gauss is new virus on the digital block

Security researchers say they have positively identified a new computer virus plaguing networks in the Middle East.

Iran scoffs at AC/DC "loud volume" virus

A top Iranian official has denied that its controversial nuclear program was targeted by yet another cyber attack. 

Vaccines combine to create deadly virus strains

Two different vaccines have for the first time been discovered to have spontaneously combined to create new, infectious viruses.

Sophisticated Flame spy virus infiltrated Iranian networks

A sophisticated computer virus that infiltrated and spied on Iranian networks was reportedly coded by the United States and Israel.

Flame virus wiped out by its creators

The Flame virus discovered last week targeting computers in Iran has been ordered to self-destruct, leaving no trace - and no indication of who created it.

Iranian oil sector under cyber attack

An enigmatic virus has reportedly infected various computer networks administering key aspects of Iran's lucrative oil sector. 

This virus evolves and mutates

Researchers at Michigan State University have successfully demonstrated how a new virus is capable of evolving and mutating.

Japan builds 'good' virus to disable cyber-attacks

With the help of Fujitsu, the Japanese government is developing a computer virus aimed at tracing and disabling cyber-attacks.

Virus infects U.S. military drones

A computer virus has reportedly infected Predator and Reaper drones deployed in Afghanistan and other war zones.

Gamers solve AIDS puzzle where scientists fail

Online gamers have succeeded where scientists have failed for a decade, successfully deciphering the structure of an AIDS-like retrovirus enzyme.

Virus developed to target HIV

In what he could represent an important step toward curing HIV, a USC scientist has created a virus that hunts down HIV-infected cells.

Tweet Viewer stalks the cyber ether

A new worm is spreading through the murky Twitter ether, tempting gullible users with the promise of identifying those pesky Tweet "stalkers."

Twitter plagued by rogue Tweeter app

Yet another rogue application is plaguing Twitter as thousands of users have been unceremoniously duped into clicking a malicious link. Twitter virus strikes again

Kind of like a pest that won’t go away, another virus is running rampant across Twitter, powered by the URL shortener.

Got a Mac? How about a virus?

Mac OS X may not be as vulnerable to nefarious worms, trojans and viruses as a Windows-based PC. 

Nevertheless, the popular operating system can hardly be characterized as 100% secure.

'Here you have'... a virus

A new email worm is landing in email inboxes worldwide, disabling the anti-virus software of the unwary.

Virus-based battery to power US military

A new type of virus-based battery is under development for the US army and could soon be woven into military uniforms.

Millions of parked websites infected by malware

Millions of websites hosted by Network Solutions may have been dishing out malware for months.