Can virtual reality headgear ever go mainstream?

Andreessen Horowitz, the ScarJo of venture firms, has just put $75 million into Oculus Rift to help the company take its technology mainstream. But, 3D isn't really taking off, and has never really taken off, beyond short term hype.

Airline creates virtual reality guide to ski resorts

Monarch Mountain, a 360-degree virtual reality guide to ski resorts served by the airline, Monarch Airlines, has been created in a direct marketing campaign by marketing agency WDMP. Visitors will find themselves transported to a virtual ski slope, with high quality graphics and a 360-degree ‘Photosphere’ view complete with realistic falling snow and sound.WDMP has created the campaign using technology which claims to make it accessible with one click from any tablet, smartphone, laptop or PC.

John Carmack says Oculus Rift may go Android

When he was the god of code at iD Software, he would have Microsoft's DirectX developers begging him for his support. That was just 3D, now Carmack is going to spice up our reality and he is still the king of gaming.

'Avatar' experiments cast light on consciousness

Scientists have been able to 'project' people's consciousness into a computer avatar, in much the same way as happens in the movie.

New technology allows users to literally "feel" 3D images

You know how when you're watching a 3D movie, sometimes it feels like you could just reach out and grab the images that are popping out? Thanks to researchers, now you actually can.

Nvidia sends Russian cosmonauts to Mars

The Russian government has deployed Nvidia's 3D Vision technology to provide cosmonauts with a virtual reality experience during their simulated Mars mission.

Marvell Imagines the 10 Gigabit Digital Home and I Meet Stan Lee

I flew down to Hollywood last Tuesday to attend the Marvell AVANTA launch.