Bitcoin hits $239

Virtual currency Bitcoin broke the $200 barrier today and managed to briefly touch an impressive high of $239.

Bitcoin value reaches an all-time high compared to the dollar

Digital currency used in place of the dollar isn't exactly a new concept, especially online.

Amazon touts virtual currency for Kindle Fire lineup

Amazon has introduced a new virtual currency targeted at Kindle Fire tablet owners for the purchase of apps and in-game items.

Analysis: Why the Govt. wants to go after Bitcoins

The US government and the Federal Reserve have complete and total control over the currency. They don’t want to lose this control.

Zynga sues over virtual currency sales

Mediocre players of games such as Zynga Poker, Mafia Wars and FarmVille may have to live with the consequences of their inadequacy. Zynga Game network, one of the biggest social games makers around, is suing for selling virtual currency and goods.