Study: Virtual avatars may impact real-world behavior

How you represent yourself in the virtual world of video games may affect how you behave toward others in the real world, according to new research published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science.

VR fools with people's body image

Give a person a virtual reality arm four times its usual length, and they'll soon be feeling it as if it were their own, say University of Barcelona scientists.

Check out this G.A.U.N.T.L.E.T. typing glove

Most of us probably had a similar experience when onscreen handset keyboards first hit the mainstream -  courtesy of Apple's iPhone.

Virtual monkeys bash out Shakespeare play

A team of monkeys - virtual ones, unfortunately - has succeeded in producing one of Shakespeare's plays, as well as a lesser-known poem.

Microsoft hypes Avatar Kinect ahead of launch

Microsoft is hyping Avatar Kinect a few weeks ahead of its official release. 

Want a girlfriend? What about a virtual one?

Every man knows the day you get married and put a ring on your finger is the day you instantly become a magnet to countless beauties that seemed so hard to get when you were solo. 

Anyone for an invisible keyboard?

So, how good are your keyboard skills? An Israeli start-up reckons there's enough touch-typists out there to justify launching an invisible virtual keyboard.

Robots strut their stuff at virtual technology summit

Robotics Trends has announced a star-studded lineup of robots and other cutting-edge technologies to be showcased at an upcoming Virtual Conference & Exposition on June 16, 2010.

Do Japanese games suck?

Japanese games were once synonymous with breathtaking graphics, superior AI and immersive virtual environments. 

But those days have passed into distant memory.

NYC Museum of Modern Art adds @ symbol to permanent collection

Dear Andy Warhol, please move your famous can of Campbell's tomato soup to make room for the humble and mundane @ symbol in the NYC Museum of Modern Art (MOMA).

Raytheon and Motion Reality develop 3D military apps

Raytheon and Motion Reality have inked a lucrative deal to develop virtual 3D mission and training applications for military, law enforcement and security forces.

Join the Mafia and collect Playboy magazines

2K Games has inked a lucrative licensing agreement with Playboy to display more than 50 vintage magazine covers and Centerfolds in Mafia II.

Parents leave real baby to die in favor of online avatar

A heartbreaking story of parents who left their three-month old, premature baby to die of malnourishment, while they raised a virtual daughter online in an MMORPG has surfaced over on ABC.