Virginia Tech researchers design robotic jellyfish for recon

There are a huge and varied number of uses for robots in the military, such as BigDog which is designed to carry food, gear, and other items for soldiers on the battlefield.

Navy robot dances Gangnam Style

Don't expect the best leg-work in the world: like your dad after a few beers, Charli doesn't risk lifting his feet too far from the dance floor.

Robotic jellyfish fueled by seawater

Engineers have built a robotic jellyfish, fueled by hydrogen, which they say could be used in underwater rescue missions.

Software remotely puts phones under lockdown

New software could help keep sensitive information safe, by preventing certain data to be accessed outside a particular room.

Flying snakes offer lessons to military

Researchers funded by the Department of Defense have been analyzing the way certain species of snake can glide from tree to tree.