Virgin Mobile login leaves customers open to hacks

Virgin Mobile USA customers are vulnerable to hackers, says one user who says he's been unable to get the company to take the issue seriously.

Virgin Mobile's iPhone goes on sale

The iPhone is now available through yet another mobile carrier.

Get a pre-paid iPhone for just $30 per month

Sprint's Virgin Mobile brand is to become the US' second carrier to offer the iPhone on a prepay basis - and it starts at just $30 per month.

Virgin's first Android phone now on sale

The Samsung Intercept, a phone that brings the Android operating system to Virgin Mobile's prepaid service for the first time, is now available.

Verizon tries its hand at pay-as-you-go data

In a further push to promote its extensive 3G network, Verizon has begun offering data packages that customers can pay just one month at a time.

Virgin Mobile: gobble up mobile data for $40/mo

Sprint's Virgin Mobile label will begin offering "all you can eat" mobile broadband subscriptions to users who want to have Internet access with them whenever and wherever, for just $40 a month.

Virgin Mobile brings out pay-as-you-go MiFi

If you've ever wanted to have a backup Internet connection that you don't have to pay a monthly fee for, Virgin Mobile has just the thing you've been looking for.

Sprint to cut Virgin Mobile contract subscribers

Sprint announced on Tuesday that it will cut service to all 86,000 of its Virgin Mobile customers who are currently on a contractual service plan. It is part of Sprint's restructuring of its newly-acquired prepaid mobile arm.