Yes, vinyl is still going strong 

The rather unexpected comeback of vinyl is quite a fascinating phenomenon to cover. 

Eulogizing music CDs

Our initial report about the death of music compact discs certainly caused quite a ruckus - even though the music buying (or shall we say, listening) public turned on the format quite some time ago already.

How metal helped save vinyl

Years ago, I started seeing a lot of record stores that catered to rappers and DJ's by selling albums and turn tables.

Type O Negative is back on vinyl

You’ve read our coverage on TG Daily about the recent loss of Peter Steele, founder of Type O Negative, a great and heavily influential band in modern day metal. 

The perils of digital decadence

Several years back when I was interviewing someone for an article, I whipped out my trusty tape recorder and the guy just snickered.

The typewriter lives on just like vinyl

Maybe it's serendipity, but just as we posted our report on the last typewriter factory closing, the "Los Angeles Type-In" kicked off at an L.A. pub known as The Red Lion Tavern.

Via optimizes online streaming with new media processor

Via has introduced a new media system processor designed to optimize HD online streaming without the use of third-party decoders.