Vin Diesel Gets His Groot On For Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy is going to be part of Marvel’s “phase two” of new big screen adaptations. We just reported that Paul Rudd has been cast as Ant-Man, and now a crucial role for Guardians has just been cast, the tree man Groot.

Riddick 3 brings Pitch Black writer full circle at Comic Con 2013

At Comic Con, word is there is potential big news coming about Vin Diesel and The Avengers 2. But, in the meantime, we bask in all the gore and glory that is Riddick 3. The frachise gets back on track with a killer red band trailer.   

First Riddick trailer is here

Sci-fi action actor Vin Diesel and director David Twohy have posted the first trailer for the upcoming Riddick film.

Vin Diesel teases new Riddick pics

Vin Diesel has posted a number of new images shot on the appropriately gritty set of the latest Riddick film.

The inner child of Fast and Furious

This summer, there was an absolutely hilarious skit making the rounds on the 'Net. It's an interview with the "screenwriter" of the latest Fast and Furious movie, but then we see it's actually a five-year-old kid.

Casting begins for Riddick finale

Pitch Black was never meant to be a trilogy, but the success of the film spurred on a franchise of stories, including a cartoon sequel which took place immediately after the film, and a less direct sequel which took place back in civilization.