Star Trek 'holodeck' created

A Queen's University researcher has built a hologram-like 'telepod' that lets people in different locations video conference as if they are standing in front of each other.

MP3 for phone calls?

Today's cellphones come with some fantastic features - touch screens, whizzy apps, you name it. The one thing, though, that they often fail to offer is the ability to make yourself heard clearly.

RealNetwork founder adds videoconferencing to Facebook

California start-up SocialEyes has will today demonstrate a new two-way group video chat service on Facebook.

Holographic video chat unveiled

Star Wars-style holographic video chat is now a big step closer, with the development of a system that can project 3D moving images without the need for special glasses.

Skype promises one-cent-a-minute international calls to landlines

Skype has launched new monthly plans for international calls to landlines and cellphones, and is expected this week to launch a video chat feature.