Mac malware hijacks video and audio data

Morcut malware - aka Crisis - was apparently specifically coded to spy on infected Mac OS X users by hijacking video and audio data.  

The truth about tech statistics

"Researchers and analysts estimate that such and so many of this or that will increase or decrease by some percentage by sometime in the near or far future."

Google Glasses stunt video released

Google's Glasses augmented reality technology could be hitting the shelves in less than two years' time, with the company today releasing a video of a drmatic set of stunts as viewed by the people taking part.

Video: Google debuts $300 Nexus Q media player

Google has debuted a $300 media player at I/O 2012 in San Francisco. 

Microsoft apologises for penis song

Microsoft has been forced to apologize for a software programmers' convention in Norway that featured scantily-clad dancing girls and obscene songs.

Van Helsing game trailer goes live

A new teaser trailer for The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing has gone live on YouTube.

Bradley Manning, the video?!

Pfc. Bradley Manning is facing charges of aiding the enemy after thousands of classified documents downloaded by the former army intelligence analyst  ended up on WikiLeaks.

Star Trek 2: The Wrath of JJ Abrams

It’s getting to the point where Hollywood studios will do practically anything to prevent leaks from a movie set.

NASA takes us to the far side of the moon

A camera aboard one of NASA's twin Gravity Recovery And Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) lunar spacecraft has sent back footage of the far side of the moon.

People lie more in texts

Be suspicious when your partner texts to say she's working late at the office: people are more likely to lie in a text than in any other form of communication, researchers say.

Hackers jailbreak PlayBook

Three hackers say they've been able to crack Research In Motion's much-vaunted security to run unauthorized applications on the PlayBook tablet.

Video of NYPD arresting Philly cop goes viral

Videos and images of the NYPD arresting a former Philadelphia cop during the recent OccupyWallStreet (OWS) Day of Action have gone viral.

MIT radar gives real-time video through concrete walls

MIT researchers have developed a new radar technology that gives real-time video of what’s going on behind solid walls from up to 60 feet away.

The 9/11 attacks as seen from space

When the 9/11 terror attacks took place ten years ago, they were filmed by the only American not on earth at the time.

Couple allowed to sue firm that monitored their sex chat

An Ohio woman has been given permission to sue a laptop-tracking company that recorded her sex video-chat sessions with her boyfriend.

DARPA releases video of downed hypersonic plane

DARPA has released video footage of the Falcon HTV-2 flight earlier this month, which ended unceremoniously after just three minutes when it lost contact with the vehicle. And, guess what, DARPA says the flight was a great success.

NASA video shows Earth engulfed by solar storm

Using data from the STEREO spacecraft, researchers at Southwest Research Institute and the National Solar Observatory have released a video of a coronal mass ejection in 2008 swallowing up the Earth.

Facebook one ups Google+ with biz launch

After Google locked businesses out of Google+ (for now), Facebook has strategically launched an online guide describing how corporations can benefit from using the social networking site. Excellent timing if you ask me.

U.S. operatives smuggle satellite phones into Syria

The U.S. and Saudi Arabia are smuggling thousands of satellite phones into Syria.

YouTube tries out a new look

YouTube's trying out a new redesign named, for some reason, Cosmic Panda, giving a sleeker, darker look and improving customization options.