NASA Video Illustrates MAVEN Mission's Investigation of a Lost Mars

NASA has prepared a new video to illustrate its Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) mission's investigation of dramatic climate change on Mars. Today, Mars is a cold and barren desert world, with no sign of life, at least on the surface.

Magisto introduces Emotion Sense Technology (EST)

Magisto introduced a new component of its patent-pending artificial intelligence technology that furthers its mission to forever improve the personal movie-making process: helping a movie 'make itself.'

How to get Google Glass early

Eight thousand more people are set to get their hands on a pair of Google Glass specs - if they can think of something really clever to do with them. At the same time, it's released a video showing some of the capabilities of the device.

Video: Voice Over film can't decide what it's about

Sometimes short indie films are bizarre and make little sense to the masses.

Twitter looks to video with launch of Vine

If a picture is worth a thousand words, six seconds of video ought to be plenty for anyone used to expressing themselves in 140 characters or fewer.

Report: Pentagon fails to encrypt drone transmissions

A reasonable individual would probably assume US surveillance drones conducting recon missions over combat zones would be broadcasting an encrypted video feed.

Video: The Retaliation of Mass Effect 3

Bioware has officially announced Retaliation, a new expansion pack for Mass Effect 3 multiplayer mode. 

Retaliation goes live on October 9th and will be free to download for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn clip introduces the squad

Meet the cadets of Hastati Squad.

Twitter DMs deliver malware

Twitter users are receiving direct messages, purportedly from friends, alerting them to Facebook videos in which they are said to feature.

Iran moves to block Google, plans its own private web

Iran is in the process of blocking access to Google search, Gmail and YouTube, saying it plans to introduce its own 'domestic internet'.

Video: MIT magnets clean offshore oil spills

Over two years later, the Gulf Coast is still struggling to recover from the 2010 BP oil spill.

Google says controversial video will remain on YouTube

A Google spokesperson has confirmed that a controversial video clip about the Islamic prophet Muhammad will remain on YouTube - despite a White House request for Mountain View to "review" the clip. 

Anonymous spokesman arrested during online chat

Self-styled Anonymous spokesman Barrett Brown has been arrested at his apartment and taken into FBI custody.

Video: Killing the undead with FPS Yaiba

Keiji Inafune, who created Mega Man, Onimusha and Dead Rising, says he has a new spin on zombie games.

Video: This is how your brain is disassembled and reassembled

Using bioluminescent proteins from a jellyfish, a team of researchers recently managed to light up the interior of a neuron - capturing video footage depicting the movement of proteins throughout the cell.

Mysterious 'sprites' caught on film

The strange bursts of lightning known as sprites, which flash red, white or green 50 miles above Earth during thunderstorms, are very rarely seen.

Video: The surreal worlds of Crytek’s CryEngine 3

Crytek is showcasing its advanced CryEngine 3 - which will power the upcoming Crysis 3 - in a video that is both surreal and intensely immersive.  

Video: Halo 4 clip fires deadly UNSC weapons

Halo 4 is probably one of the most anticipated video games of 2012.

NASA releases Curiosity landing images

Stunning images are already being beamed back from the Curiosity Mars rover as it undergoes a series of health checks before beginning its mission of exploration.

Become a real mech warrior with your own Kuratas robot

I really want the Japanese Kuratas robot to be real. After all, one of my favorite video games of all time is Mech Warriors of yore.