Amazon rolls out monthly Prime subscriptions

Amazon has quietly offered its Prime service for quite some time now.

Feds seize streaming sites in Super Bowl crackdown

US law enforcement officials have kicked off a crackdown against unauthorized sports streaming sites by seizing a number of domains ahead of Super Bowl weekend.

Hulu considers putting itself up for sale

Insiders familiar with Hulu are saying that the streaming video service is considering selling itself after receiving an unsolicited takeover offer.

YouTube trialling live video streaming today

YouTube has started trialling a live video streaming platform in conjunction with Young Hollywood, Next New Netwrorks, Howcast and Rocketboom.

Rent full-length films on Youtube

Seemingly not satisfied with its top spot in the free streaming video market, Youtube is beginning to experiment with pay-per-view streaming movie rentals, offering full-length motion pictures starting at $1.99.

Hulu paves way for new premium, $10/month service

Viewers who feel limited by Hulu's five episode cap for each series will soon be able to pay a monthly fee for unlimited access to an entire back-catalog of TV content.