Guy Makes Millions Playing Video Games on YouTube

Who wouldn’t love to get paid for doing what they love, especially if it’s playing video games? Well, somebody has apparently been making a lot of money from playing games, a job many of us would love to have.   

Is Wal-Mart Going After GameStop

I think I’ve stepped into a Wal-Mart maybe once in my life, and I doubt I’m missing that much. I can’t vouch for their gaming selection, but there are now reports that Wal-Mart could be getting into the used game business, and this could really end up hurting Game Stop.

Could action video games help people with dyslexia learn to read?

In addition to their trouble with reading, people with dyslexia also have greater difficulty than typical readers do when it comes to managing competing sensory cues, according to a study reported February 13 in Current Biology, a Cell Press publication. The findings suggest that action video games might improve literacy skills in those with dyslexia, which represent five to ten percent of the population.

Breaking the Guinness Record For Biggest Video Game Collection

Video games, like DVDs and BluRays, are a very addictive proposition. Like the old potato chip ad used to say, “Betcha can’t eat just one,” and once you start piling up your favorite titles, it’s difficult to hold yourself back and stop. 

Internet gods release classic video games for free

The Internet Archive is a non-profit dedicated to giving permanent access for researchers, historians, scholars, people with disabilities, and the general public to historical collections that exist in digital format. God bless them because now they are giving us access to the best of arcade games from the 70s and 80s.

Violent games make you cheat and eat chocolate

An international team of researchers has found playing violent video games not only increases aggression but can also cause players to cheat and eat more chocolate.

Video Games Are Back With a Vengeance

Having covered the video game world for many years, it’s a market you can certainly call mercurial, and the ups and downs can be very abrupt. Technology and story-wise, video games have never been better, but I’m glad I’m not in the gaming business, because it can go from top of the heap to the basement with little warning.

Claim: Playing video games can boost brain power

Certain types of video games can help to train the brain to become more agile and improve strategic thinking, according to scientists from Queen Mary University of London and University College London (UCL).

Report: Video games boost visual attention, reduce impulse control

A person playing a first-person shooter video game like Halo or Unreal Tournament must make decisions quickly. That fast-paced decision-making, it turns out, boosts the player's visual skills but comes at a cost, according to new research: reducing the person's ability to inhibit impulsive behavior.

Chicks Dig Videogames (Cool)

It used to be if you liked geek stuff, you didn’t have much of a shot at meeting women with similar interests. Back in the day, chicks just didn’t dig stuff like video games, Lord of the Rings, horror movies, Transformers, etc. We geeks just knew this was the way it was, and we weren’t going to give up our love of Star Trek and Dungeons and Dragons to conform and fit in (and hopefully get a date). 

Intel buffs up its graphics chips

Intel has been working flat out to improve the video quality of its integrated graphics cores.

SimCity’s day off

One of the most anticipated games of the year has crashed into the market and broken lots of hearts.

Thief reboot en route

The Thief franchise of games popularized and defined the stealth action adventure, starting with the first one Thief: The Dark Project back in 1998.

Tomb Raider film will be rebooted

About two years we learned that Tomb Raider would be rebooted - both as a video game and film franchise.

Skyrim update toughens up the monsters, fixes bugs

Bethesda Softworks has announced a major update to its most recent single-player, role-playing adventure game.

Assassin’s Creed IV trailer earn Blackbeard’s respect

Ubisoft has released the first trailer for this year’s entry in the popular franchise.

The language of Dead Space: Liberation

The trilogy of Dead Space graphic novels is complete alongside the trilogy of games.

Defiance trailer emerges from the Shadow War

Defiance is an upcoming cross-media sci-fi story from Syfy and Trion Worlds. The television serial and video game of the same name will be tied together by the movement of characters between the environments, so that the actions of one affect the other.

Bioshock Infinite featurette sympathizes with Songbird

Irrational Games has posted a design featurette showcasing the creative origins of some characters in the dystopian adventure.

Review: The tools of The Art of Dead Space

The trilogy is complete. It’s time to look behind the curtain.