Aliens: Colonial Marines trailer goes multiplayer

We've been looking forward to the upcoming Aliens Colonial Marines video game since since way back in 2011.

Square Enix wants console quality games on web browsers

It  seems as if cross-platform browser-based gaming has really picked up over the last few months.

Atari and Microsoft bring classic arcade games to browsers

As a child of the 80s, I spent every moment I could in the arcade. One of my favorite games? Lunar Lander.

COD: Black Ops II limited edition gets detailed

Activision has officially detailed its special edition lineup of Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering tweaks the traditional RPG for touchscreen fun

Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering tweaks the traditional RPG for Android touchscreen fun.

Blizzard says no WoW F2P beyond level 20

The undisputed King of the MMORPG realm is clearly Blizzard's wildly popular World of Warcraft (WoW).

Microsoft slashes Kinect price, Xbox 360 cut may be pending

If you're an Xbox 360 owner in North America who has been thinking about purchasing a Kinect, now may very well be the best time to do so.

State of Decay zombie FPS stalks the Xbox 360

Zombie movies and TV shows have been around for quite some time, but the undead craze has only lately hit the gaming space.

Wild Blood game play trailer surfaces from Gameloft

I'm quite certain that a fair number of gamers out there, even those who prefer PC gaming like myself, have been impressed by some of the iOS and Android mobile titles currently on the market.

Steam Big Picture mode hits beta next month

The digital delivery of video games via platforms like Steam is certainly popular and may very well be the future of the industry.

DayZ FPS might make it to game consoles

DayZ is probably one of the most successful PC video game mods ever developed, having racked up over one million downloads since going live earlier this year.

This iOS racing game generates $12 million a month

It's no secret that video games like the wildly popular Angry Birds can be a huge moneymaker for developers.

Cross-platform Shadowrun Online is a $558,000 Kickstarter star

Kickstarter is currently the Grand Central Station of the technology world, successfully attracting massive support for both hardware and software devs.

Video: The underworld of Star Wars 1313

Star Wars 1313 allows players to assume the role of a bounty hunter and descend to level 1313 - the hub of the underworld - on planet Coruscant.

A gaming legend is no more

You may not recognize the name Paul Steed, but odds are if you're a gamer, you'll certainly be familiar with Steed's impressive portfolio.

Dev ports Doom 3 to Android

One of my favorite "scary" FPS games of all times is Doom 3, which launched for the PC way back in 2004.

Video: Halo 4 clip fires deadly UNSC weapons

Halo 4 is probably one of the most anticipated video games of 2012.

15-year-old hospitalized after playing Modern Warfare 3 for four days

A 15-year-old teenager from Columbus, Ohio found himself in the hospital without an Xbox 360 after a marathon gaming session left him severely dehydrated.

Ouya Kickstarter hits $7,914,776 as new details emerge

Personally, I have my doubts about the long-term viability of the recently announced Android-powered Ouya game console.

DayZ mod to become a standalone zombie killer

Zombies are all the rage on television and in video games. Perhaps this is due to the insane popularity of the The Walking Dead, an on-screen adaptation of the comic book created by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore.