Star Citizen sets course for Kickstarter

Star Citizen skips the publisher and goes straight to the gamers on Kickstarter.

Video: Global Outbreak geolocation brings the zombies

Take charge of the rampaging zombie scourge with Global Outbreak and geolocation.

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Episode 3 goes live

Episode 3 is now online!

Fincher's Halo 4 trailer depicts Master Chief's past

A new live-action Hal0 4 trailer - directed by none other than Hollywood veteran David Fincher - is now live on YouTube.

DayZ devs focus on interior design

We've talked quite a bit about DayZ in recent weeks, a game which actually started off as a zombie mod for Arma II and was subsequently picked up by the studio behind Arma as a standalone title.

CoD: Black Ops 2 zombie trailer builds the weapons

New Zombies mode allows players to build weapons.

Video: Minecraft creator teases 0x10c space sim

Although I'm not a Minecraft junkie I have spent many hours playing the wildly popular game. 

Video: The gameplay of Transformers Universe

Anyone who grew up in the genre saturated 80's will undoubtedly remember the original Transformers cartoons and toys that were almost truly ubiquitous.

Report: Early Halo 4 players banned from Xbox Live

Microsoft isn't taking kindly to gamers who managed to snag illicit copies of Halo 4 well ahead of the title's official launch on November 6.

Video: The Half-Life moments of Gordon Freeman

This fan-made Half-Life clip makes us long for a big budget Hollywood movie.

New Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC coming November

Omega DLC will hit the Xbox 360 next month with no ETA for the PS3 or PC.

Star Citizen trailer showcases PC gaming glory

Star Citizen could be the most exciting PC game in decades.

Video: The multiplayer modes of Crysis 3

I've been a huge fan of the Crysis franchise since the original game debuted years ago. So it comes as little surprise that expecations are sky-high for Crysis 3, which is due to hit shelves in February 2013.

The HTML5 in-game physics of Contre Jour

Mobile gamers have been enjoying a physics-based puzzle game dubbed Contre Jour since the title launched in 2011. Now PC users can get in on the fun by playing the game online.

Video: Forza Horizon demo hits the Xbox Live track

Forza Horizon playable demo now on Xbox Live.

Video: The Mantis mechs of Halo 4

So we know about the weapons fielded by the UNSC, Covenant and Prometheans. But what about the mechs of Halo 4?

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn clip introduces the squad

Meet the cadets of Hastati Squad.

DayZ FPS stays on target

DayZ is a zombie-centric FPS currently under development by the studio responsible for the wildly popular Arma II.

The Promethean weapons of Halo 4

We've seen the Covenant and UNSC weapons in action. Now it's Promethean time.

WoW: Mists of Pandaria goes live

WoW: Mists of Pandaria is finally here!