Navy SEALs disciplined over Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Seven of the US military's most elite warriors have been disciplined for allegedly leaking secrets during the development of  EA's  Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

The undead strife of the DayZ Bounty mod

We've covered the ARMA II DayZ mod numerous times over the past few weeks and remain excited about the upcoming stand-alone game from Dean Hall and Bohemia. 

Black Ops II gameplay to stream via YouTube

Next week is a big one for fans of Activision's Call of Duty: Black Ops II, when the long-awaited video game goes live on November 13.

Video: Green Throttle wants to turn Android devices into consoles

Certain pundits have been predicting the demise of game consoles for years now.

Rare Air Raid Atari game worth at least $30K

It never ceases to amaze me just how many classic toys I owned, broke and threw away. Sadly, most of them are worth some serious money today. 

DayZ mod a collaborative effort

The recent DayZ mod "half-done" patch represents a collaborative effort between devs and the DayZ community.

Video: The end of Halo 4 - Forward Unto Dawn

The fifth and final installment of the Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn live action series is now live - with the long-awaited game poised for a mega-launch on November 6.

Video: Black Ops II zombie gameplay is in the wild

Quite a lot of anticipation has been building around the launch of Activision's upcoming Call of Duty Black Ops II video game.

Grand Theft Auto V is almost here

Rockstar Games will be rolling out a fifth game in the Grand Theft Auto franchise - which is undoubtedly one of the best-selling and most controversial game properties in history.

Video: Angry Birds Star Wars trailer goes live

Angry Birds, coded by the Finnish-based Rovio, is easily one of the most popular games on any mobile platform.

The Xbox games of Windows Phone 8

Gameloft will be coding a number of  Xbox-enabled titles for Microsoft's recently launched Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system.

Retro Chrono Trigger goes live for Android gamers

Chrono Trigger goes live for Android retro gamers.

Video: Moga Android gaming controller is in the wild

The Moga Mobile Gaming System - which supports smartphones and tablets running Android 2.3 - began shipping this past week.

The co-existence of DayZ and War Z

The zombie genre has certainly experienced a resurrection of sorts in recent years, bolstered by TV shows such as The Walking Dead and video games like the original DayZ mod for Arma.

Halo 4 War Games Pass offers up three map packs

Let's face it, if you buy Halo 4 odds are you're going to love it, and you're probably going to pay for every single map pack that goes live - just so you can frag some noobs in multiple player mode.

Space sim Star Citizen obliterates Kickstarter goal

Star Citizen easily passes Kickstarter funding goal with 26 days left.

SimCity launch pushed back to March

Just about every PC gamer I know has spent at least some time playing SimCity at one point or another since the stalwart franchise first kicked off way back in 1989.

Video: Halo 4 - the rise of the Forerunners

Microsoft and 343 Industries have been hyping Halo 4 for months now, even though the long-awaited game hardly needs any serious promotion.

The pre-order puzzles of BioShock Infinite

Gamestop offers BioShock Infinite puzzle game with pre-order.

Fassbender to star in Assassin's Creed movie

Hollywood actor Michael Fassbender is a making quite a name for himself with prominent roles in genre films like X-Men and Prometheus.