Did Netflix Finally Kill the Video Store?

I was surprised to read the news that the last Blockbuster stores were finally closing. I was only surprised because I was under the impression that except for a few stray stores here and there that Blockbuster had been completely done for some time.

An accidental home video pioneer

During the early days of the home video revolution, VCRs were really expensive and so were movies on VHS and Betamax. 

Rewind This!

I have very fond memories of the VCR boom, and, once way back when, thought it was amazing you could actually own movies and watch them at home. 

VHS horror nostalgia

I have very fond memories of wandering around in video stores and looking at all the movies I would love to own that were prohibitively expensive at the time.

Why Netflix is in trouble

I find the history of home entertainment absolutely fascinating. Ever since my family got its first VCR, the fact that you could watch a movie at home was simply amazing to me.

The Creature From the Black Lagoon in 3D

Like any self-respecting film buff, I of course have piles of DVDs, and loads of VHS tapes that take up much of my shelf and floor space.

Those old VHS memories

It's easy to have a lot of fun thinking back to the early days of home video. Even though I couldn't afford tons of movies I still rented and copied films off TV like crazy.

On Thriller and VHS

No, I'm not one of these people who believes Michael Jackson became Mother Teresa when he died, but there was one part of the Thriller success story I found interesting.

Is the typewriter extinct?

There used to be a quaint little store in my neighborhood that repaired typewriters.