From Veronica Mars to iZombie

So Veronica Mars has finally been resurrected thanks to the kind contributors at Kickstarter, and it’s gotten good reviews and should open to good business this weekend. What’s next for Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas? Zombies of course.

Veronica Mars Pays Back the Fans That Funded Her Comeback

If you’ve ever contributed to a Kickstarter campaign, you usually get something in return for your help, whether it’s a t-shirt, or some other goodies. Now that the Veronica Mars movie is about to premiere, the fans who helped bring it to life are going to see some reward out of it besides the satisfaction of helping resurrect the show. 

Kickstarter Hits a Billion, Thanks to Video Games

One of the biggest experiments in the history of Kickstarter, the Veronica Mars movie, is about to be released. The crowd funding site resurrected a TV show that people wanted resurrected, and though it was on a tight budget and schedule, it still got made and will be out in the world very soon.

Veronica Mars and Heroes About to Return

Last year, Veronica Mars was resurrected via crowdfunding, and it broke the record for the most money raised on Kickstarter to make a movie, a whopping $5.7 million. Mars creator Rob Thomas showed great fiscal responsibility with the money, making the Mars movie on a tight budget and schedule, and it will also be available on VOD. 

Veronica Mars Movie Gets a Release Date

The resurrection of Veronica Mars was quite a story. The beloved show had been off the air forever, and Rob Thomas got things going with a Kickstarter campaign, which broke the record for most money raised for a project.

False alarm for a Firefly resurrection

It’s remarkable that Firefly has such a big audience today, especially since Joss Whedon could barely get anyone to watch the series when it first hit TV screens way back in 2002.

Veronica Mars movie breaks Kickstarter record

We know that the Veronica Mars movie raised a hell of a lot of money through the crowd-funding site Kickstarter in record time, over a million in five hours, and it poured in fast enough to get the movie greenlit by Warner Brothers.

Kickstarted Veronica Mars film moves forward

It was a story that inspired many hopeful filmmakers and genre fans alike. The beloved show Veronica Mars launched a Kickstarter campaign that made $2 million in under twelve hours, and it resurrected the much beloved program from the dead.

Veronica Mars creator weighs in on Kickstarter

It’s one thing when young filmmakers are going to Kickstarter to try and get their movies funded, but many found it amazing that Veronica Mars was brought back to life with the help of the site as well.

Veronica Mars conquers Kickstarter

Kickstarter is typically associated with new video games or consumer electronic projects hoping to cross over from the murky world of vaporware.