Verizon LTE launch marks start of turf war, say analysts

Verizon yesterday launched its '4G' LTE service, claiming a tenfold increase in speed over its 3G EVDO network, at 5-12Mbps for downloads and 2-5Mbps upload.

Verizon 4G launches on Sunday

Attention, millions of Verizon customers. In three days, you'll suddenly feel pretty inadequate as Verizon will roll out its next-generation mobile data network, but none of the current devices will be able to take advantage of it.

AT&T intros MiFi mobile hotspot

AT&T is joining the MiFi game. The mobile carrier will soon offer a portable Wi-Fi hotspot, which draws Internet connectivity from a 3G data network, in a market currently only served by Verizon and Sprint.

Heavyweights back mobile payment system

Well, it looks as if it's finally happening: AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon have announced their plans for a mobile commerce system allowing customers to pay for goods with a swipe of their phone.

Juicy Motorola Citrus goes on sale tomorrow

Motorola's latest Android device for Verizon is surprisingly not something with the word "Droid" in it. It's the Citrus, a 3-inch, low-end Android device to complement Motorola's growing high-end offering.

Droid Pro will focus on enterprise users

Right on schedule, Verizon and Motorola have announced details of the Droid Pro, the first Droid device to have connectivity availability in areas outside of North America. Verizon hopes to entice business customers with the new global handset.

Verizon leak causes iPhone kerfuffle

When a leaked photo surfaced showing an internal Verizon document announcing a November 9 release date date for an "Iconic Device," the scoop-hungry blogosphere did what any reasonable media whirlwind would do: assumed it was the iPhone. But nope. Sorry. It's not.

Verizon issues Droid 2 update, blocks phone modifiers

Verizon has released a minor update to the Droid 2 that it says will help improve battery life and patch up some security issues, but it also puts a bit of a death knell in the phone to users who are toying around with it.

Verizon coughs up $25 million for billing "mistakes"

Verizon has agreed to pay the FCC a whopping $25 million for a slew of "inadvertent billing mistakes." The carrier will also be issuing credits and refunds to eligible customers.

Best Buy to sell 3G-less Galaxy Tab, but what's the point?

A leaked ad suggests Best Buy will begin selling a new version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab that only has Wi-Fi connectivity and knocks off $100 from the price, but that kind of defeats the entire purpose of the device.

Verizon tries to justify crazy $600 Galaxy Tab price

Verizon is trying to stand up for Samsung and the company's Galaxy Tab tablet, which wants to compete against Apple's iPad but may have a hard time due to a high launch price.

Sprint's 4G network expanding to New York, LA, San Francisco

Sprint, the first mobile provider to launch a 4G network in the US, will soon bring its next-gen mobile data infrastructure to three of the biggest cities in the country.

Out of nowhere, Verizon says it'll start selling iPads

Verizon has officially announced that it will offer iPads in stores for the holiday season, a deal no one saw coming because everyone was too busy talking about a Verizon iPhone.

India reportedly now wants a CDMA iPhone

When Apple invests money into creating something new, you know it'll go all the way. So as long as it's creating a new version of the iPhone, it says it may as well start peddling it to other countries that use the same standard.

Verizon iPhone will have dual GSM/CDMA chip: report

The still-unconfirmed Verizon iPhone will be able to take advantage of Verizon's leading coverage area in the USA, but will also be able to make calls overseas thanks to a built-in receiver that not only taps into Verizon's leading CDMA network but also GSM networks as well.

Droid 2 Global details go live, unexpectedly

After much speculation, Motorola has confirmed that the Droid 2 Global is real, and has posted official technical specs on its website. Although, it appears Motorola didn't want that to happen.

Verizon will launch six 4G phones at CES

With the world's largest consumer electronics trade show just a few months away, companies are gearing up for some big announcements and we're already getting a peek at what will be in store for Verizon.

Verizon talks about its path to 4G

When it comes to the next step in mobile data networks, Sprint is at the top of the game having already deployed a next-gen network in select cities around the country. Verizon will be one of the last. Hear what it has to say about that.

New report sheds even more light on Verizon iPhone

A version of the iPhone capable of running on Verizon's CDMA-based mobile network will be manufactured at the end of 2010, leading the path to an early 2011 launch for the device.

Full Skype app comes to Verizon Android

Android users with a Verizon subscription can now rejoice, as Google and Verizon are now allowing an app that lets people make Skype-to-Skype calls completely free.