T-Mobile ad mocks Verizon-AT&T iPhone battle

T-Mobile is breathing some common sense into all the frenzy that's happening with the Verizon iPhone announcement, by launching a new ad that says the iPhone isn't really worth it on either network.

Verizon says CDMA iPad on the way

Well, this certainly has been quite a day for Apple enthusiasts and fanbois alike! 

Why you shouldn't buy a Verizon iPhone until June

One of the questions a lot of people are asking this week is whether or not they should buy a Verizon iPhone.  

Verizon iPhone 4. It's officially officially official

After several months of rumors, speculation, near certainty, and inevitable doubt, Apple and Verizon have finally confirmed, together, that the iPhone 4 will come to the nation's highest-ranked mobile provider.

Verizon iPhone expected to cannibalize AT&T sales

A Piper Jaffray analyst confirms what everyone already knows: Pent up demand for a Verizon iPhone (yes, finally!) is likely to cannibalize AT&T sales.

Motorola Android tablet looks cool, isn't a "Droid"

We all knew it was coming. Motorola has created the most prolific Android phones yet and it was only a matter of time before the company made official its new Android tablet product. It doesn't carry the instantly recognizable "Droid" name, but perhaps it won't need to.

Verizon slashes Galaxy Tab price

Samsung's Galaxy Tab has faced one big problem from day one - it's supposed to be an iPad killer but you can get an iPad for less money. But now, if you sign up for a Verizon data plan, you can get one for the same price as the cheapest iPad.

February Apple event must be for Verizon iPhone

Apple is reportedly planning some sort of secret event on or around Valentine's Day, though knowing what everyone is expecting early this year, will it really be a secret at all?

Verizon may not show off iPhone at CES

It's looking more and more like Verizon will focus on its 4G offerings at next month's CES festivities, and may leave any sort of iPhone announcement for a later date.

Verizon's 4G will be a CES headline

Sprint launched its 4G network early this year to a lot of fanfare. T-Mobile launched its one kind of under the radar. AT&T won't be ready until later into 2011. So when it comes to 4G at CES, Verizon will be the one that shines.

Did Skype just confirm a Verizon iPhone?

A seemingly accidentally leaked document from Skype gave us a lot of interesting information, but none more so than what appears to be a direct confirmation of the iPhone becoming available on Verizon's network.

Verizon's first 4G phone might be a Motorola phone

Is it possible we could see a "Droid 4G"?

Free Press, FCC and fake net neutrality

Late last night the majority of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) commissioners said that they’re on board with Chairman Julius Genachowski’s Net Neutrality rule. The problem is that critics say the rule does little to actually protect the open nature of the Internet.

Verizon confirms will make 4G announcements at CES

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, but Verizon has confirmed the widely assumed this week, as we now know for sure the company will be showing off 4G products at next month's CES. That's thanks to a cutely-worded Tweet on Verizon's official Twitter account, which reads:

Motorola Android tablet seems to be on Verizon

It could possibly be the most important Android tablet yet. With Motorola and Verizon becoming the winning team for Android phones, this speculated project could give the iPad a run for its money.

Verizon hastily works to clear bump in 4G road

When it comes to 4G, there are lots of claims floating around. Sprint claims to have the most powerful, T-Mobile says it has the biggest, and Verizon promises to have the fastest. But some of these claims need to come with footnotes.

Verizon slashes calling prices, ups texting fees

It looks as though Verizon is changing its business model to accommodate the new, modern mobile phone user. That is, someone who hardly ever talks on the phone and prefers to communicate via text messages.

Can Android withstand Verizon's iPhone onslaught?

Is Google's popular mobile Android OS capable of withstanding a Verizon-sponsored iPhone onslaught?

Verizon already getting greedy with iPhone

It seems that even though a Verizon iPhone hasn't been officially announced, the mobile carrier may already be eying options to keep the Apple gadget away from anyone else.

AT&T, again, ranked as worst mobile carrier

Despite the fact that it had one of its best years in recent history, and has attracted millions of new customers, AT&T has yer again been rated, by far, as the worst mobile phone provider in the US by Consumer Reports.