Live Verizon Fios app coming to Samsung

Verizon is planning on bringing its TV service to TVs without needing to pay for a subscription.

Verizon barely apologizes for 4G outages

Verizon is blaming the numerous 4G outages - three of which happened this month - on "growing pains."

Verizon to slap fee on certain payment methods

Verizon customers are up in arms over the company's announcement that it plans to slap a $2 fee on people making single payments online or by telephone.

Yet another Verizon 4G outage

For the second time this month, Verizon 4G LTE customers were struck with an outage that completely suspended their data service.

Verizon sends 'Civil Emergency' text, incites fear

If you got a text message that was irrefutably sent directly from Verizon telling you to seek shelter immediately, what would you do?

Verizon restores 4G access after outage

Verizon's super fast 4G LTE network is growing bigger every day, but there are still some bumps like the one many customers experienced over the past couple days.

Verizon plans to take on Netflix

In an environment where Netflix is still reeling from customer dissatisfaction and facing a new round of competition, Verizon has decided it's time to step in.

Motorola Xyboard will come in two sizes

The curtain has officially been lifted on the successor to Motorola's Android-powered Xoom tablet - the Droid Xyboard.

Yet again, Verizon wins and AT&T suffers

We are of course talking about the annual Consumer Reports analysis of mobile phone carriers in the US.

Google Wallet's fate is uncertain

The latest and greatest Galaxy Nexus is about to go on sale from Verizon, but it won't include support for Google's mobile payment app.

Xbox 360 live TV service adds Verizon Fios

Verizon Fios has been added to the list of TV providers that will support the Xbox 360's impending launch of live TV service.

ESRB finally offers mobile ratings, without Android, iPhone

After years of trying to rediscover itself in a world that is no longer monopolized by packaged retail video games, the ESRB will now rate mobile apps.

AT&T wins in iPhone 4S data test

Here's something we don't get to say that often: AT&T has been ranked the best at something.

Verizon doubles 4G data caps

In a rare case of a mobile service provider actually giving consumers more for their money, Verizon is set to offer an irresistible promotion.

Shocker: AT&T extends expected T-Mobile deal closure

AT&T has pushed back the date when it says it hopes the acquisition of T-Mobile will be a done deal. No duh.

AT&T wants to block Sprint from T-Mobile discussions

AT&T has filed a motion to prevent Sprint from accessing confidential information related to the proposed acquisition of fellow carrier T-Mobile.

Apple iMessage could hurt mobile carriers

When Apple launches iMessage, a free alternative to traditional text messaging, it could have a damaging impact on mobile carriers.

Microsoft firms up deal for live TV on Xbox

If you get your TV through Verizon or Comcast, you'll soon be able to channel surf from the comfort of your Xbox 360.

Xoom 4G upgrades finally begin

If you've been waiting months and months for the 4G upgrade you were promised when you bought your Xoom, the wait is finally over.

Xbox gets cozy with Verizon, Comcast

It looks like Microsoft is well on its way to delivering on the promise of offering live TV service on the Xbox 360 by the end of the year.