Verizon optical throughput hits one gigabit-per-second

A recent Verizon field trial successfully demonstrated a "near" gigabit-per-second throughput on the company’s existing FiOS gigabit passive optical network (GPON) platform.

Is Apple field testing a next-gen iPad?

Apple engineers may be close to field testing what appears to be a next-gen iPad or CDMA-enabled Verizon iPhone.

Users still want an iPhone 4 - just not from AT&T

Verizon could be set for a boost, to say the least, with a new survey suggesting that nearly a third of US cellphone subscribers would switch to the carrier if it started offering the iPhone.

Google responds to net neutrality critics with huge blog post

Google has issued a response to the thousands of news articles that have popped up since it first discussed its ideas for an end to net neutrality.

Verizon's fledgling Fios service will bring NFL to 3D

In a move to bring back attention to its flailing TV service, Verizon has struct a deal with the National Football League to air its first ever 3D football game on TV. It's a major score as the most mainstream sporting event to make it to the new broadcast medium.

Critics vociferously outraged at net neutrality talks

Apparently people don't like it when giant corporate behemoths start talking about how to change the way the Internet works for the purpose of lining their pocketbooks.

Droid 2 stealthily goes on sale in 2 days

After Verizon seemingly stopped acknowledging the existence of the Droid 2, the wireless provider today finally provided some concrete details of the device, saying it would go on sale this Thursday.

Google and Verizon outline Net neutrality roadmap

Google and Verizon have jointly proposed a "neutrality" roadmap in an effort to define how Internet services should be regulated in the future.

Cranking the rumor mill: Verizon iPhone in January?

AT&T continues to shy away from blowing the iPhone horn, Apple is working on new iPhone chipsets, and Verizon has stopped its cocky "we don't need the iPhone" mentality. You know what that means...

Hidden Motorola message shows Droid X gets Android 2.2 by September

After several weeks of speculation about which phones will be getting the latest version of Android and when the updates will happen, there's finally an official word from one of the phone manufacturers.

Google, Verizon keeping "net neutrality" discussion active

For most people, the topic of net neutrality, or the process of tiering up Internet service among various users, was put aside a long time ago, but Google and Verizon have apparently been working together on the subject for quite a while. The Wall Street Journal reports that the two communications giants have been actively coming up with solutions that would improve overall network efficiency.

Motorola teams with Verizon for TV tablet

Motorola is reported to be developing a tablet specifically targeted at the television market.

Report: Verizon blocks Froyo tethering on Motorola Droid

Verizon has reportedly blocked tethering and Wi-Fi hotspot creation in its Android 2.2 (Froyo) update for Motorola's Droid.

Phone operators look to replace credit cards

AT&T and Verizon are following the lead of overseas operators and introducing a wireless electronic payment system.

Verizon users consuming more data than iPhone owners

AT&T was the first major carrier to introduce tiered pricing for mobile data, on fears that iPhone users might end up using too much, but it turns out Verizon users are the ones who are eating up the wireless spectrum.

AT&T proft grows 26%, woes grow for next year

AT&T has posted its quarterly earnings report which showed that profit as well as subscription numbers grew, but as the iPhone gears to head to other carriers it may be one of the last times AT&T can post these kinds of statistics.

Motorola Droid X rooted, bootloader still in lock-down

A talented dev named Steven Bird (aka "Birdman") has managed to successfully root Motorola's locked-down Droid X in just 6 days.

Apparently there's an "80% chance" of a T-Mobile iPhone

With months and months (and months!) of rumors circulating about another carrier getting the rights to the iPhone, there must be something brewing, and now there's a report that says T-Mobile has an 80% shot at nabbing Apple's phone.

Motorola "Mini Droid" rumors add to Droid congestion

Everyone loves having a lot of selection when it comes to mobile phones, but Verizon may be overdoing it with the "Droid" name, as rumors of a "Mini Droid" handset are beginning to circulate.

Nokia buys Motorola's networking division for $1.2 billion

Motorola has sold off a good chunk of its mobile equipment unit to Nokia in a deal that will net Motorola a wad of much-needed cash and give Nokia opportunity to expand in the fast-moving mobile environment.